Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 04-214

Description: Data error in FTP copy - destination
Internal: 1560

SAP Error Code: 04-215

Description: WIN16: FTP can only be started once
Internal: 1561

SAP Error Code: 04-259

Description: Asset dollar-sign - dollar-sign in company code dollar-sign cannot be deleted
Internal: 1562

SAP Error Code: 04-300

Description: Asset chart printed (return code dollar-sign)
Internal: 1563

SAP Error Code: 04-301

Description: Asset class dollar-sign has different general ledger acct. - please transfer (TI11)
Internal: 1564

SAP Error Code: 04-302

Description: Entry for account dollar-sign in table 095 is either missing or incomplete -> ?N
Internal: 1565

SAP Error Code: 04-303

Description: Changed access date falls in a different fiscal year
Internal: 1566

SAP Error Code: 04-310

Description: Requested storage space not available in main memory
Internal: 1567

SAP Error Code: 04-311

Description: Sequential dataset belongs to another client
Internal: 1568

SAP Error Code: 04-312

Description: Mass update is not allowed according to table 089
Internal: 1569

SAP Error Code: 04-313

Description: At least one record in the sequential dataset is too long -> ?N
Internal: 1570

SAP Error Code: 04-314

Description: The sequential dataset contains too many records -> ?N
Internal: 1571

SAP Error Code: 04-350

Description: Please define text of new asset and press Enter
Internal: 1572

SAP Error Code: 04-351

Description: Asset cannot be split because it has already been posted
Internal: 1573

SAP Error Code: 04-352

Description: Capital improvement cost is higher than total acquisition cost
Internal: 1574

SAP Error Code: 04-353

Description: Error when recalculating AFA - cannot use T194
Internal: 1575

SAP Error Code: 04-354

Description: Fiscal year change with sub-number asterix not allowed
Internal: 1576

SAP Error Code: 06-001

Description: Table record blocked by another user
Internal: 1577

SAP Error Code: 06-002

Description: Internal system error during blocking
Internal: 1578

SAP Error Code: 06-003

Description: No possible entries displayable here
Internal: 1579

SAP Error Code: 06-004

Description: No outline agreements exist
Internal: 1580

SAP Error Code: 06-005

Description: Contract contains no items for release orders
Internal: 1581

SAP Error Code: 06-006

Description: This function not defined
Internal: 1582

SAP Error Code: 06-007

Description: This function not allowed here
Internal: 1583

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