Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-008

Description: Change document:
Internal: 1584

SAP Error Code: 06-009

Description: Check the data
Internal: 1585

SAP Error Code: 06-010

Description: Document contains no items
Internal: 1586

SAP Error Code: 06-011

Description: Item does not exist
Internal: 1587

SAP Error Code: 06-012

Description: Item already exists
Internal: 1588

SAP Error Code: 06-013

Description: No items exist
Internal: 1589

SAP Error Code: 06-014

Description: No longer used
Internal: 1590

SAP Error Code: 06-015

Description: No item within specified interval
Internal: 1591

SAP Error Code: 06-016

Description: External document number already assigned
Internal: 1592

SAP Error Code: 06-018

Description: Delivery schedule for scheduling agreement updated
Internal: 1593

SAP Error Code: 06-019

Description: Document does not exist
Internal: 1594

SAP Error Code: 06-020

Description: The document has already been deleted and cannot be changed
Internal: 1595

SAP Error Code: 06-021

Description: Not possible to process a purchase order using this function
Internal: 1596

SAP Error Code: 06-022

Description: No data changed
Internal: 1597

SAP Error Code: 06-024

Description: Account assignment item already exists
Internal: 1598

SAP Error Code: 06-025

Description: Vendor not created (please check your input)
Internal: 1599

SAP Error Code: 06-026

Description: Please enter material number or account assignment category
Internal: 1600

SAP Error Code: 06-027

Description: Vendor has not been created for purch. organization
Internal: 1601

SAP Error Code: 06-028

Description: Purchase order date is in the past
Internal: 1602

SAP Error Code: 06-029

Description: Reference purchasing org. differs from purchasing org.
Internal: 1603

SAP Error Code: 06-030

Description: Reference vendor differs from vendor
Internal: 1604

SAP Error Code: 06-031

Description: No longer used
Internal: 1605

SAP Error Code: 06-032

Description: No reference item chosen
Internal: 1606

SAP Error Code: 06-033

Description: Reference doc. type differs from doc. type
Internal: 1607

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