Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-058

Description: Purchase requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item (variable should be entered here - variable1), has a different supplying plant
Internal: 1632

SAP Error Code: 06-059

Description: Purchase requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item (variable should be entered here - variable1), has different account assignment category
Internal: 1633

SAP Error Code: 06-060

Description: Document type/item category (variable should be entered here - variable1)/(PReq) <-> (variable should be entered here - variable1)/(contract)
Internal: 1634

SAP Error Code: 06-061

Description: No usable items exist for this selection
Internal: 1635

SAP Error Code: 06-062

Description: Please specify unknown account assignment for contract item
Internal: 1636

SAP Error Code: 06-063

Description: This function only possible for items assigned to an account
Internal: 1637

SAP Error Code: 06-064

Description: This function only possible for subcontracting items
Internal: 1638

SAP Error Code: 06-065

Description: Deadline for submission of quotations in the past
Internal: 1639

SAP Error Code: 06-066

Description: Please enter deliv. date later than deadline for subm. of bids
Internal: 1640

SAP Error Code: 06-067

Description: Scheduled quantity greater than target quantity
Internal: 1641

SAP Error Code: 06-068

Description: Requisition item has different purchasing group
Internal: 1642

SAP Error Code: 06-069

Description: Requisition has different document type
Internal: 1643

SAP Error Code: 06-070

Description: Enter a quantity
Internal: 1644

SAP Error Code: 06-071

Description: Quantity overflow in base unit of measure
Internal: 1645

SAP Error Code: 06-072

Description: Quantity smaller than invoiced quantity
Internal: 1646

SAP Error Code: 06-073

Description: Quantity (+ overdelivery tolerance) is less than quantity delivered ((variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 1647

SAP Error Code: 06-074

Description: Quantity smaller than quantity delivered
Internal: 1648

SAP Error Code: 06-075

Description: Requisition item has different reqt. tracking no.
Internal: 1649

SAP Error Code: 06-076

Description: Materials of requisition item alr. ordered in full
Internal: 1650

SAP Error Code: 06-077

Description: Please enter conversion factors
Internal: 1651

SAP Error Code: 06-078

Description: Target quantity exceeded by
Internal: 1652

SAP Error Code: 06-079

Description: Unit of measure not defined for language
Internal: 1653

SAP Error Code: 06-080

Description: Where units of measure differ, please enter conversion factors
Internal: 1654

SAP Error Code: 06-081

Description: Conversion between and effected using factor 1
Internal: 1655

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