Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-082

Description: Quantity overflow in order price unit
Internal: 1656

SAP Error Code: 06-083

Description: Total of schedule line quantities too large
Internal: 1657

SAP Error Code: 06-084

Description: Enter an ascending item interval
Internal: 1658

SAP Error Code: 06-085

Description: Reference document not an RFQ (please enter an RFQ)
Internal: 1659

SAP Error Code: 06-086

Description: Reference doc. not outline agreement (please enter an agreement)
Internal: 1660

SAP Error Code: 06-087

Description: Reference doc. not a purchase order (please enter purchase order)
Internal: 1661

SAP Error Code: 06-088

Description: Quantity smaller than quantity delivered
Internal: 1662

SAP Error Code: 06-089

Description: Quantity smaller than quantity issued
Internal: 1663

SAP Error Code: 06-090

Description: No releases issued to date
Internal: 1664

SAP Error Code: 06-091

Description: No releases issued to date for item
Internal: 1665

SAP Error Code: 06-092

Description: No purchase order history exists for item
Internal: 1666

SAP Error Code: 06-093

Description: Please enter only item category
Internal: 1667

SAP Error Code: 06-094

Description: Please enter material number or account assignment category
Internal: 1668

SAP Error Code: 06-095

Description: Please enter quantity or requisition, or cancel selection
Internal: 1669

SAP Error Code: 06-096

Description: Function not possible for this item
Internal: 1670

SAP Error Code: 06-097

Description: Purch. req. item not released for issue of RFQ
Internal: 1671

SAP Error Code: 06-098

Description: Please enter supplying plant
Internal: 1672

SAP Error Code: 06-099

Description: Materials for all purchase requisitions already ordered in full
Internal: 1673

SAP Error Code: 06-100

Description: Enter a purchasing organization
Internal: 1674

SAP Error Code: 06-101

Description: No master record exists for vendor
Internal: 1675

SAP Error Code: 06-102

Description: Selection not active (please first activate)
Internal: 1676

SAP Error Code: 06-103

Description: Please first select items
Internal: 1677

SAP Error Code: 06-104

Description: Please first select purchase requisitions
Internal: 1678

SAP Error Code: 06-105

Description: Vendor not defined (please check your input)
Internal: 1679

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