Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-130

Description: New document language (please translate texts as required)
Internal: 1704

SAP Error Code: 06-131

Description: RFQ for vendor already entered
Internal: 1705

SAP Error Code: 06-132

Description: Reference document has different document language
Internal: 1706

SAP Error Code: 06-133

Description: For "fixed" indicator, please enter only 'X' or ' '
Internal: 1707

SAP Error Code: 06-134

Description: Item does not contain a vendor number
Internal: 1708

SAP Error Code: 06-135

Description: Item does not include a material number or plant
Internal: 1709

SAP Error Code: 06-136

Description: No info record exists for item
Internal: 1710

SAP Error Code: 06-137

Description: No outline agreement exists for item
Internal: 1711

SAP Error Code: 06-138

Description: Not possible to determine a consumption account
Internal: 1712

SAP Error Code: 06-139

Description: Display cannot be changed in case of multiple acct. assignment
Internal: 1713

SAP Error Code: 06-140

Description: Please enter cumulative sched. quantities in ascending order
Internal: 1714

SAP Error Code: 06-141

Description: Cum. scheduled qty. smaller than cum. GR qty.
Internal: 1715

SAP Error Code: 06-142

Description: Cum. scheduled qty. smaller than cum. GI qty.
Internal: 1716

SAP Error Code: 06-143

Description: The cumulative quantities are error-free
Internal: 1717

SAP Error Code: 06-145

Description: Release date lies in the past
Internal: 1718

SAP Error Code: 06-146

Description: Release date later than delivery date
Internal: 1719

SAP Error Code: 06-147

Description: Base unit of measure adopted from material master record
Internal: 1720

SAP Error Code: 06-148

Description: Release date outside period covered by factory calendar
Internal: 1721

SAP Error Code: 06-149

Description: Release date: next workday is
Internal: 1722

SAP Error Code: 06-150

Description: Please enter a valid release date
Internal: 1723

SAP Error Code: 06-151

Description: Input value not allowed here
Internal: 1724

SAP Error Code: 06-152

Description: Purchase orders already exist for this item
Internal: 1725

SAP Error Code: 06-153

Description: These shipping instructions not defined (please check your input)
Internal: 1726

SAP Error Code: 06-154

Description: Shipping instructions not defined in language (please check your input)
Internal: 1727

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