Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-155

Description: Contract target value reached
Internal: 1728

SAP Error Code: 06-156

Description: Order unit in PO differs from order unit in info record
Internal: 1729

SAP Error Code: 06-157

Description: Base unit in mat. master rec. differs from base unit in info rec.
Internal: 1730

SAP Error Code: 06-158

Description: No documents found for this selection
Internal: 1731

SAP Error Code: 06-159

Description: For items without invoice receipt, please enter price 0
Internal: 1732

SAP Error Code: 06-160

Description: With GR-based invoice verification please enter GR and IR indicators
Internal: 1733

SAP Error Code: 06-161

Description: Different order determined
Internal: 1734

SAP Error Code: 06-162

Description: Different project determined
Internal: 1735

SAP Error Code: 06-163

Description: Different cost center determined
Internal: 1736

SAP Error Code: 06-164

Description: Please enter an input tax code, not an output tax code
Internal: 1737

SAP Error Code: 06-165

Description: Please correct faulty asset items
Internal: 1738

SAP Error Code: 06-166

Description: Please only use plants with local currency
Internal: 1739

SAP Error Code: 06-167

Description: Please only use plants with company code
Internal: 1740

SAP Error Code: 06-168

Description: Order unit copied from material master record
Internal: 1741

SAP Error Code: 06-169

Description: Order unit adopted from info record
Internal: 1742

SAP Error Code: 06-170

Description: Start of validity period is in the past
Internal: 1743

SAP Error Code: 06-171

Description: Start of validity period is more than one year in the future
Internal: 1744

SAP Error Code: 06-172

Description: Please enter validity period end date later than start date
Internal: 1745

SAP Error Code: 06-173

Description: Validity period start date same as validity period end date
Internal: 1746

SAP Error Code: 06-174

Description: Validity period less than a week
Internal: 1747

SAP Error Code: 06-175

Description: With local currency, exchange rate must be set to 1.00000
Internal: 1748

SAP Error Code: 06-176

Description: Please enter terms of payment via key or explicitly
Internal: 1749

SAP Error Code: 06-177

Description: Payment term not defined
Internal: 1750

SAP Error Code: 06-178

Description: Please enter days in ascending order
Internal: 1751

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