Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-179

Description: Select at least one of: 'assigned to account' or 'stock material'
Internal: 1752

SAP Error Code: 06-180

Description: Please enter percentages in descending order
Internal: 1753

SAP Error Code: 06-181

Description: With non-valuated GR, please also enter GR indicator
Internal: 1754

SAP Error Code: 06-182

Description: No item number can be assigned (please check item interval)
Internal: 1755

SAP Error Code: 06-183

Description: Please enter indicator only in the case of contracts
Internal: 1756

SAP Error Code: 06-184

Description: Update of a plant info record not possible
Internal: 1757

SAP Error Code: 06-185

Description: Update of a plant info record not allowed
Internal: 1758

SAP Error Code: 06-186

Description: Updating info record without plant not allowed
Internal: 1759

SAP Error Code: 06-187

Description: Please enter Incoterm with details of location
Internal: 1760

SAP Error Code: 06-188

Description: Internal quotation comment not defined (please check your input)
Internal: 1761

SAP Error Code: 06-189

Description: Schedule line date outside scheduling agreement validity period
Internal: 1762

SAP Error Code: 06-190

Description: Requisition date is in the past
Internal: 1763

SAP Error Code: 06-191

Description: Requisition date is more than one year in the future
Internal: 1764

SAP Error Code: 06-192

Description: Please enter a price unit
Internal: 1765

SAP Error Code: 06-193

Description: Please use a material with material group
Internal: 1766

SAP Error Code: 06-194

Description: Use a material with order unit
Internal: 1767

SAP Error Code: 06-195

Description: Deadline for subm. of quotations cannot be copied into all items
Internal: 1768

SAP Error Code: 06-196

Description: Please enter an order type for a stock transport order
Internal: 1769

SAP Error Code: 06-197

Description: You have no authorization to display change documents
Internal: 1770

SAP Error Code: 06-198

Description: Not all items displayed due to missing authorization
Internal: 1771

SAP Error Code: 06-199

Description: Missing authorization:
Internal: 1772

SAP Error Code: 06-201

Description: Net value becomes too large (please check your input)
Internal: 1773

SAP Error Code: 06-202

Description: Net value in becomes too large (please check your input)
Internal: 1774

SAP Error Code: 06-203

Description: Order value below minimum order value
Internal: 1775

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