Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-204

Description: Net price in item becomes too high (please check your input)
Internal: 1776

SAP Error Code: 06-205

Description: Effective price higher than material price (variance > (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 1777

SAP Error Code: 06-206

Description: Effective price lower than material price (variance > (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 1778

SAP Error Code: 06-207

Description: Effective price is , material price is
Internal: 1779

SAP Error Code: 06-208

Description: Exchange rate differs from table exch. rate by percentage-sign
Internal: 1780

SAP Error Code: 06-209

Description: Please enter required condition
Internal: 1781

SAP Error Code: 06-210

Description: Field overflow in net price calculation (please check your input)
Internal: 1782

SAP Error Code: 06-211

Description: Currency translation error in net price calculation
Internal: 1783

SAP Error Code: 06-212

Description: Quantity conversion error in net price calculation
Internal: 1784

SAP Error Code: 06-213

Description: Error in net price calculation, item (Please correct)
Internal: 1785

SAP Error Code: 06-214

Description: Net price becomes negative (please correct)
Internal: 1786

SAP Error Code: 06-215

Description: Please enter net price
Internal: 1787

SAP Error Code: 06-216

Description: Order quantity below minimum order quantity from info record
Internal: 1788

SAP Error Code: 06-217

Description: Net price in becomes too large
Internal: 1789

SAP Error Code: 06-218

Description: Net price must be greater than 0
Internal: 1790

SAP Error Code: 06-219

Description: Net price for item adopted from last document
Internal: 1791

SAP Error Code: 06-220

Description: Number range for object dollar-sign not defined
Internal: 1792

SAP Error Code: 06-221

Description: System error: number range object does not exist
Internal: 1793

SAP Error Code: 06-222

Description: External assignment not defined for number range
Internal: 1794

SAP Error Code: 06-223

Description: Document number not within defined interval
Internal: 1795

SAP Error Code: 06-224

Description: Internal assignment not defined for number range
Internal: 1796

SAP Error Code: 06-225

Description: Number range nearly exhausted
Internal: 1797

SAP Error Code: 06-226

Description: Last number from number range assigned
Internal: 1798

SAP Error Code: 06-227

Description: Number range for purchase requisitions not defined
Internal: 1799

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