Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-252

Description: PO item cannot be retrosp. converted into order-dependent 3rd-party item
Internal: 1824

SAP Error Code: 06-253

Description: Message generated for outputting does not include a printer destination
Internal: 1825

SAP Error Code: 06-254

Description: Order quantity greater than requisition quantity
Internal: 1826

SAP Error Code: 06-255

Description: Please maintain period indicators for language
Internal: 1827

SAP Error Code: 06-256

Description: Import data incomplete (Please check)
Internal: 1828

SAP Error Code: 06-257

Description: Please specify relevant unit of weight
Internal: 1829

SAP Error Code: 06-258

Description: Unit is not a unit of weight
Internal: 1830

SAP Error Code: 06-259

Description: Negative delivery costs not allowed
Internal: 1831

SAP Error Code: 06-260

Description: Tax jurisdiction code not allowed for tax calculation schema
Internal: 1832

SAP Error Code: 06-261

Description: No message generated for output of purchasing document
Internal: 1833

SAP Error Code: 06-262

Description: Please enter terms of payment for vendor
Internal: 1834

SAP Error Code: 06-263

Description: Tax jurisdiction of account assignment adopted in item
Internal: 1835

SAP Error Code: 06-264

Description: This function only possible with items subject to confirmation control
Internal: 1836

SAP Error Code: 06-265

Description: No conversion possible between unit of measure and order unit
Internal: 1837

SAP Error Code: 06-266

Description: Order unit adopted from info record in item(s)
Internal: 1838

SAP Error Code: 06-267

Description: Reminder data adopted from info record in item(s)
Internal: 1839

SAP Error Code: 06-268

Description: Multi acct. assgt. not allowed for ind. cust. req. or engineer-to-order
Internal: 1840

SAP Error Code: 06-269

Description: This item can only be deleted via the associated sales document
Internal: 1841

SAP Error Code: 06-270

Description: Please enter material without split valuation
Internal: 1842

SAP Error Code: 06-271

Description: Only texts with status 'asterix' can be adopted
Internal: 1843

SAP Error Code: 06-272

Description: Texts with status 'N' cannot be deleted
Internal: 1844

SAP Error Code: 06-273

Description: Statistics-relevant deliv. date will not be changed automatically
Internal: 1845

SAP Error Code: 06-274

Description: This item is only deletable via the associated production order
Internal: 1846

SAP Error Code: 06-275

Description: Purchase requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item (variable should be entered here - variable1), does not exist
Internal: 1847

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