Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-276

Description: Acct. assgt. cannot be changed automatically for requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item
Internal: 1848

SAP Error Code: 06-277

Description: Requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item (variable should be entered here - variable1), created from production order/network
Internal: 1849

SAP Error Code: 06-278

Description: Exceptions have occurred (see environment -> exception messages)
Internal: 1850

SAP Error Code: 06-279

Description: In case of several sched. lines, function only poss. from schedule screen
Internal: 1851

SAP Error Code: 06-280

Description: Not possible to determine shipping data for material
Internal: 1852

SAP Error Code: 06-281

Description: Please check conversion factors of conditions for item
Internal: 1853

SAP Error Code: 06-282

Description: Order unit set from material master record
Internal: 1854

SAP Error Code: 06-283

Description: Different source maintained for requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item
Internal: 1855

SAP Error Code: 06-284

Description: Please either enter net price or refer to info record
Internal: 1856

SAP Error Code: 06-285

Description: Info record flagged for deletion
Internal: 1857

SAP Error Code: 06-286

Description: Material type differs from material type of material
Internal: 1858

SAP Error Code: 06-287

Description: Volume rebate group not defined
Internal: 1859

SAP Error Code: 06-288

Description: Volume rebate group not defined in language
Internal: 1860

SAP Error Code: 06-289

Description: Valuation type not defined
Internal: 1861

SAP Error Code: 06-290

Description: Please do not enter an order type for stock transport order
Internal: 1862

SAP Error Code: 06-291

Description: No open purchase requisitions exist
Internal: 1863

SAP Error Code: 06-292

Description: No exception messages exist
Internal: 1864

SAP Error Code: 06-293

Description: Quantity less than delivery quantity
Internal: 1865

SAP Error Code: 06-294

Description: Order unit of requisition will be replaced by order unit from info record
Internal: 1866

SAP Error Code: 06-295

Description: Order unit from material master set in items
Internal: 1867

SAP Error Code: 06-296

Description: Reminder data from material master record set in item(s)
Internal: 1868

SAP Error Code: 06-297

Description: Order unit of info record changed from to
Internal: 1869

SAP Error Code: 06-298

Description: Quantity delivered by shipping differs from GR quantity
Internal: 1870

SAP Error Code: 06-299

Description: Dates of trade-off zone must be later than those of firm zone
Internal: 1871

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