Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-300

Description: Internal error (please inform system administrator)
Internal: 1872

SAP Error Code: 06-301

Description: Please also enter a purchasing organization
Internal: 1873

SAP Error Code: 06-302

Description: No further purchasing organization data exists
Internal: 1874

SAP Error Code: 06-303

Description: Please enter at least one vendor
Internal: 1875

SAP Error Code: 06-304

Description: Please enter an info record or vendor and material
Internal: 1876

SAP Error Code: 06-305

Description: No info records exist for material
Internal: 1877

SAP Error Code: 06-306

Description: No info records exist for vendor
Internal: 1878

SAP Error Code: 06-307

Description: Info record already being processed
Internal: 1879

SAP Error Code: 06-308

Description: External procurement not defined for material
Internal: 1880

SAP Error Code: 06-309

Description: External procurement not defined for material in plant
Internal: 1881

SAP Error Code: 06-310

Description: Purchasing info record does not exist
Internal: 1882

SAP Error Code: 06-311

Description: Info record for item already being processed
Internal: 1883

SAP Error Code: 06-312

Description: Purchasing info record already exists
Internal: 1884

SAP Error Code: 06-313

Description: Material differs from material from the info record
Internal: 1885

SAP Error Code: 06-314

Description: Vendor differs from vendor from the info record
Internal: 1886

SAP Error Code: 06-315

Description: Country not defined (please enter a valid country)
Internal: 1887

SAP Error Code: 06-316

Description: Certificate category not defined (please enter a valid category)
Internal: 1888

SAP Error Code: 06-317

Description: Changing the order unit has far-reaching consequences
Internal: 1889

SAP Error Code: 06-318

Description: Currency not defined (please enter a valid currency
Internal: 1890

SAP Error Code: 06-319

Description: Amortization "to" date must be later than amortization "from" date
Internal: 1891

SAP Error Code: 06-320

Description: Info record for material and vendor already being processed
Internal: 1892

SAP Error Code: 06-321

Description: Vendor not yet created by purchasing organization
Internal: 1893

SAP Error Code: 06-322

Description: Please first select a record
Internal: 1894

SAP Error Code: 06-323

Description: Line length of copied text exceeds that of target text
Internal: 1895

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