Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-324

Description: Function therefore not possible
Internal: 1896

SAP Error Code: 06-325

Description: Word processing error
Internal: 1897

SAP Error Code: 06-326

Description: Please enter document number and item together
Internal: 1898

SAP Error Code: 06-327

Description: Communication block for info record incompletely transferred
Internal: 1899

SAP Error Code: 06-328

Description: Order type indicator not defined for use here
Internal: 1900

SAP Error Code: 06-329

Description: Please reconcile source list records
Internal: 1901

SAP Error Code: 06-330

Description: No change documents exist
Internal: 1902

SAP Error Code: 06-331

Description: Purchasing info record created
Internal: 1903

SAP Error Code: 06-332

Description: Please maintain external number range for info records
Internal: 1904

SAP Error Code: 06-334

Description: In the case of a fixed vendor, please enter info record
Internal: 1905

SAP Error Code: 06-335

Description: Purchasing info record changed
Internal: 1906

SAP Error Code: 06-336

Description: Purchasing info record unchanged
Internal: 1907

SAP Error Code: 06-338

Description: Use GR-based invoice verification
Internal: 1908

SAP Error Code: 06-339

Description: All source list records OK
Internal: 1909

SAP Error Code: 06-340

Description: Please check units of measure and conversion factor
Internal: 1910

SAP Error Code: 06-341

Description: Info record for vendor and material does not exist
Internal: 1911

SAP Error Code: 06-342

Description: Info record for vendor and material already exists
Internal: 1912

SAP Error Code: 06-343

Description: Enter reminder days numerically and without gaps
Internal: 1913

SAP Error Code: 06-344

Description: Enter reminder days in ascending order (in terms of time)
Internal: 1914

SAP Error Code: 06-346

Description: Pressing ENTER will cause all flagged records to be deleted
Internal: 1915

SAP Error Code: 06-347

Description: Please first select records
Internal: 1916

SAP Error Code: 06-348

Description: Function not defined for use here
Internal: 1917

SAP Error Code: 06-349

Description: Schedule lines not yet printed
Internal: 1918

SAP Error Code: 06-350

Description: Please enter plant for order price history
Internal: 1919

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