Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-351

Description: No quotation price history records exist
Internal: 1920

SAP Error Code: 06-352

Description: No order price history records exist
Internal: 1921

SAP Error Code: 06-353

Description: No quotation price history records exist
Internal: 1922

SAP Error Code: 06-354

Description: Material class differs from material class from info record
Internal: 1923

SAP Error Code: 06-355

Description: Purchasing organization not allowed for plant
Internal: 1924

SAP Error Code: 06-356

Description: No delivery costs can be posted in case of multiple account assignment
Internal: 1925

SAP Error Code: 06-357

Description: Enter a min. order qty. that is less than the standard order qty.
Internal: 1926

SAP Error Code: 06-358

Description: Please enter certificate category
Internal: 1927

SAP Error Code: 06-359

Description: Please enter a validity date that lies in the future
Internal: 1928

SAP Error Code: 06-360

Description: Enter
Internal: 1929

SAP Error Code: 06-361

Description: Info record of present regular vendor already being processed
Internal: 1930

SAP Error Code: 06-362

Description: Up to now, vendor has been regular vendor for this material
Internal: 1931

SAP Error Code: 06-363

Description: Material group differs from material group from info record
Internal: 1932

SAP Error Code: 06-364

Description: Base unit in material master changed from to
Internal: 1933

SAP Error Code: 06-365

Description: Please adjust base unit and conversion factor
Internal: 1934

SAP Error Code: 06-366

Description: Please process this screen before saving
Internal: 1935

SAP Error Code: 06-367

Description: Date entered lies in the future
Internal: 1936

SAP Error Code: 06-368

Description: Last data screen reached --> end of processing
Internal: 1937

SAP Error Code: 06-369

Description: No conditions exist for today's date
Internal: 1938

SAP Error Code: 06-370

Description: No source list records changed
Internal: 1939

SAP Error Code: 06-371

Description: Internal number range for info records nearly exhausted
Internal: 1940

SAP Error Code: 06-372

Description: Last number of an internal number range assigned
Internal: 1941

SAP Error Code: 06-373

Description: Not possible to assign enough internal numbers for info records
Internal: 1942

SAP Error Code: 06-374

Description: Please enter a validity period
Internal: 1943

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