Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-375

Description: Please enter vendor, supplying plant or outline agreement
Internal: 1944

SAP Error Code: 06-376

Description: Number entered not within external number range
Internal: 1945

SAP Error Code: 06-377

Description: Please maintain internal number range for info records
Internal: 1946

SAP Error Code: 06-378

Description: Please make your selection or position cursor correctly
Internal: 1947

SAP Error Code: 06-379

Description: Please enter supplying plant (agreement specifies supplying plant)
Internal: 1948

SAP Error Code: 06-380

Description: Please enter a material
Internal: 1949

SAP Error Code: 06-381

Description: Enter a plant
Internal: 1950

SAP Error Code: 06-382

Description: No source lists yet exist
Internal: 1951

SAP Error Code: 06-383

Description: Order type indicator replaced by order type ind. from agreement item
Internal: 1952

SAP Error Code: 06-384

Description: Material group differs from mat. group of material
Internal: 1953

SAP Error Code: 06-386

Description: Agreement item contains a different material group
Internal: 1954

SAP Error Code: 06-387

Description: Agreement item contains a different material
Internal: 1955

SAP Error Code: 06-388

Description: Not possible to set tax code without tax calculation schema
Internal: 1956

SAP Error Code: 06-389

Description: No further delivery planned for agreement item
Internal: 1957

SAP Error Code: 06-390

Description: Please enter vendor or supplying plant
Internal: 1958

SAP Error Code: 06-391

Description: Currency differs from currency of vendor
Internal: 1959

SAP Error Code: 06-392

Description: No texts exist for language
Internal: 1960

SAP Error Code: 06-393

Description: Please enter agreement item
Internal: 1961

SAP Error Code: 06-394

Description: Purch. org. incompatible with purch. org. in agreement
Internal: 1962

SAP Error Code: 06-395

Description: Several acc. assgt. lines necessary in case of multiple acct. assignment
Internal: 1963

SAP Error Code: 06-396

Description: Not possible to set valuation type without company code
Internal: 1964

SAP Error Code: 06-397

Description: Vendor differs from vendor in agreement
Internal: 1965

SAP Error Code: 06-398

Description: Supplying plant entered incompatible with vendor in agreement
Internal: 1966

SAP Error Code: 06-399

Description: Supplying plant will be replaced by from agreement
Internal: 1967

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