Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-448

Description: This function only possible in the case of service items
Internal: 2016

SAP Error Code: 06-449

Description: No variant items exist for item
Internal: 2017

SAP Error Code: 06-451

Description: Item is not a standard product
Internal: 2018

SAP Error Code: 06-452

Description: Sum of quantities of variants greater than that of standard product
Internal: 2019

SAP Error Code: 06-453

Description: Sum of quantities of variants less than that of standard product
Internal: 2020

SAP Error Code: 06-454

Description: Not all changes adopted in variant item
Internal: 2021

SAP Error Code: 06-455

Description: No stock transfer items can be entered using this function
Internal: 2022

SAP Error Code: 06-456

Description: Price for item adopted from requisition
Internal: 2023

SAP Error Code: 06-457

Description: No items can be released with release code
Internal: 2024

SAP Error Code: 06-458

Description: The purchase requisition contains only deleted items
Internal: 2025

SAP Error Code: 06-459

Description: Purchase requisitions are already being processed
Internal: 2026

SAP Error Code: 06-460

Description: Purchasing org. differs from purchasing org. from agreement
Internal: 2027

SAP Error Code: 06-461

Description: Enter a purchasing organization
Internal: 2028

SAP Error Code: 06-462

Description: RFQ(s) already issued for this item (function not possible)
Internal: 2029

SAP Error Code: 06-463

Description: Order already placed for this item (function not possible)
Internal: 2030

SAP Error Code: 06-464

Description: Parked invoices exist (function not possible)
Internal: 2031

SAP Error Code: 06-465

Description: Please use only plants with different company codes for this transaction
Internal: 2032

SAP Error Code: 06-466

Description: Please choose a line that has not yet been processed
Internal: 2033

SAP Error Code: 06-467

Description: Item has unknown account assignment (function not possible)
Internal: 2034

SAP Error Code: 06-468

Description: Item not assigned to a source of supply (function not possible)
Internal: 2035

SAP Error Code: 06-469

Description: Item blocked for order processing (function not possible)
Internal: 2036

SAP Error Code: 06-470

Description: Item assigned to a scheduling agreement (function not possible)
Internal: 2037

SAP Error Code: 06-471

Description: No items for order processing
Internal: 2038

SAP Error Code: 06-472

Description: Vendor sub-range not maintained for vendor
Internal: 2039

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