Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-473

Description: Vendor does not supply region of country
Internal: 2040

SAP Error Code: 06-474

Description: Please specify short text more precisely
Internal: 2041

SAP Error Code: 06-475

Description: Please check vendor default data
Internal: 2042

SAP Error Code: 06-476

Description: Please specify relevant points unit
Internal: 2043

SAP Error Code: 06-477

Description: No unit of measurement dimension yet created for points
Internal: 2044

SAP Error Code: 06-478

Description: Unit is not a points unit (please check your input)
Internal: 2045

SAP Error Code: 06-479

Description: Item category '(variable should be entered here - variable1)' replaced by item category '(variable should be entered here - variable1)'
Internal: 2046

SAP Error Code: 06-480

Description: Order unit not convertible into unit of requisition
Internal: 2047

SAP Error Code: 06-481

Description: Please check places after decimal point in prices and conditions
Internal: 2048

SAP Error Code: 06-482

Description: Please specify unit of volume
Internal: 2049

SAP Error Code: 06-483

Description: Unit is not a unit of volume (please check your input)
Internal: 2050

SAP Error Code: 06-484

Description: Delivery date changed (new price determination process may be necessary)
Internal: 2051

SAP Error Code: 06-485

Description: Incoterm does not exist (Please check your input)
Internal: 2052

SAP Error Code: 06-486

Description: Net value in becomes 0 (please check your input)
Internal: 2053

SAP Error Code: 06-487

Description: This function only allowed in the case of service items/limit items
Internal: 2054

SAP Error Code: 06-488

Description: Purchase requisition cannot be released with release code
Internal: 2055

SAP Error Code: 06-489

Description: Currency can no longer be changed
Internal: 2056

SAP Error Code: 06-490

Description: Valid revision level differs from that in the requisition
Internal: 2057

SAP Error Code: 06-491

Description: Revision level not valid until
Internal: 2058

SAP Error Code: 06-492

Description: Confirmation control key does not exist
Internal: 2059

SAP Error Code: 06-493

Description: Cash budget management/budgetary monitoring not active in company code
Internal: 2060

SAP Error Code: 06-494

Description: Price adopted from requisition (please check or reference info record)
Internal: 2061

SAP Error Code: 06-495

Description: Please check the price
Internal: 2062

SAP Error Code: 06-496

Description: Enter a vendor or one-time vendor
Internal: 2063

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