Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-497

Description: No currency assigned to vendor (Maintain master record)
Internal: 2064

SAP Error Code: 06-498

Description: Please mark start of block
Internal: 2065

SAP Error Code: 06-499

Description: Please mark end of block
Internal: 2066

SAP Error Code: 06-501

Description: Quota arrangement maintained successfully
Internal: 2067

SAP Error Code: 06-502

Description: Quota arrangement not changed
Internal: 2068

SAP Error Code: 06-503

Description: Validity of existing time periods will be changed
Internal: 2069

SAP Error Code: 06-504

Description: Function unnecessary
Internal: 2070

SAP Error Code: 06-505

Description: Please revise quota arrangement for this period
Internal: 2071

SAP Error Code: 06-507

Description: Enter later "to" date than "to" date of preceding entry
Internal: 2072

SAP Error Code: 06-508

Description: Please enter source quota and target quota
Internal: 2073

SAP Error Code: 06-509

Description: Specified quota arrangement does not exist
Internal: 2074

SAP Error Code: 06-510

Description: According to quota arrangement, it is not this source's turn
Internal: 2075

SAP Error Code: 06-511

Description: Please enter material and plant
Internal: 2076

SAP Error Code: 06-512

Description: No quota arrangement item exists for the source of supply
Internal: 2077

SAP Error Code: 06-513

Description: Quota arrangement period already exists
Internal: 2078

SAP Error Code: 06-514

Description: Quota arrangement number and date do not match up
Internal: 2079

SAP Error Code: 06-515

Description: Simulation date not within quota arrangement period
Internal: 2080

SAP Error Code: 06-516

Description: Order price unit cannot now be changed
Internal: 2081

SAP Error Code: 06-517

Description: Quota arr. for material and plant already being processed
Internal: 2082

SAP Error Code: 06-518

Description: Please maintain internal number range for quota arrangement
Internal: 2083

SAP Error Code: 06-519

Description: Internal number range for quota arrangement nearly exhausted
Internal: 2084

SAP Error Code: 06-520

Description: Special proc. type not defined for proc. type (check your input)
Internal: 2085

SAP Error Code: 06-521

Description: Quota arrangement item cannot be deleted
Internal: 2086

SAP Error Code: 06-522

Description: Quota cannot be deleted
Internal: 2087

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