Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-523

Description: Please enter a procurement type
Internal: 2088

SAP Error Code: 06-524

Description: Enter "to" date that is earlier than "to" date of following record
Internal: 2089

SAP Error Code: 06-525

Description: Please enter "to" date that is later than "from" date
Internal: 2090

SAP Error Code: 06-526

Description: Please enter both "from" date and "to" date
Internal: 2091

SAP Error Code: 06-527

Description: Same entry already exists in item
Internal: 2092

SAP Error Code: 06-528

Description: Record not incl. in quota arrangement because no quota entered
Internal: 2093

SAP Error Code: 06-529

Description: No more item numbers can be assigned
Internal: 2094

SAP Error Code: 06-530

Description: Physical stock transfer from same plant not supported
Internal: 2095

SAP Error Code: 06-531

Description: Account assgt. cats. in agreement and requisition incompatible
Internal: 2096

SAP Error Code: 06-532

Description: Item categories in agreement and requisition incompatible
Internal: 2097

SAP Error Code: 06-533

Description: Item categories in agreement and purchase requisition differ
Internal: 2098

SAP Error Code: 06-534

Description: Please enter vendor or plant
Internal: 2099

SAP Error Code: 06-535

Description: Units of measure in agreement and requisition incompatible
Internal: 2100

SAP Error Code: 06-536

Description: Internal procurement not defined for material
Internal: 2101

SAP Error Code: 06-537

Description: Special procurement type does not allow a procurement plant
Internal: 2102

SAP Error Code: 06-538

Description: Special procurement type does not allow a vendor
Internal: 2103

SAP Error Code: 06-539

Description: Agreement item flagged for deletion
Internal: 2104

SAP Error Code: 06-540

Description: Document not an outline agreement (please enter outl. agreement)
Internal: 2105

SAP Error Code: 06-541

Description: One-time vendor not defined
Internal: 2106

SAP Error Code: 06-542

Description: Please enter quota arrangement number or date
Internal: 2107

SAP Error Code: 06-543

Description: Reference and target are identical (please check your input)
Internal: 2108

SAP Error Code: 06-544

Description: Please enter source quota
Internal: 2109

SAP Error Code: 06-546

Description: Not possible to assign enough numbers for the quota arrangement
Internal: 2110

SAP Error Code: 06-547

Description: Production version not defined for this combination
Internal: 2111

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