Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-596

Description: Import procedure not defined for any country
Internal: 2160

SAP Error Code: 06-597

Description: Export procedure not defined for country
Internal: 2161

SAP Error Code: 06-598

Description: Info category not defined
Internal: 2162

SAP Error Code: 06-599

Description: Enter procurement plant with same inventory management as target plant
Internal: 2163

SAP Error Code: 06-600

Description: Choose one object only
Internal: 2164

SAP Error Code: 06-601

Description: Please choose an object
Internal: 2165

SAP Error Code: 06-602

Description: Quota arrangement provides for external procurement
Internal: 2166

SAP Error Code: 06-603

Description: Quota arrangement specifies production version
Internal: 2167

SAP Error Code: 06-604

Description: Quota arrangement specifies other (undefined) vendor
Internal: 2168

SAP Error Code: 06-605

Description: Quota arrangement specifies other (undefined) supplying plant
Internal: 2169

SAP Error Code: 06-606

Description: In case of normal in-house procurement, no other plant may be specified
Internal: 2170

SAP Error Code: 06-607

Description: Minimum lot size may not exceed maximum lot size
Internal: 2171

SAP Error Code: 06-608

Description: Requisition already converted into purchase order
Internal: 2172

SAP Error Code: 06-609

Description: IDoc cannot be opened
Internal: 2173

SAP Error Code: 06-611

Description: Please enter only 'x' and ' ' as input value
Internal: 2174

SAP Error Code: 06-612

Description: Please enter only '+', '-' and ' ' as percentage basis
Internal: 2175

SAP Error Code: 06-614

Description: Please enter either quotations or collective RFQ numbers
Internal: 2176

SAP Error Code: 06-615

Description: No selection possible
Internal: 2177

SAP Error Code: 06-616

Description: Selected quotations not directly comparable
Internal: 2178

SAP Error Code: 06-617

Description: Reference RFQ does not exist
Internal: 2179

SAP Error Code: 06-618

Description: Document number entered not an RFQ number
Internal: 2180

SAP Error Code: 06-619

Description: Percentage basis entered not always used
Internal: 2181

SAP Error Code: 06-620

Description: Price date lies in the past
Internal: 2182

SAP Error Code: 06-621

Description: Unit of measure cannot be used for simulation purposes
Internal: 2183

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