Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-622

Description: Effective price is inclusive of discounts and delivery costs
Internal: 2184

SAP Error Code: 06-623

Description: Market price for material group saved
Internal: 2185

SAP Error Code: 06-624

Description: Price from quotation will be saved as market price
Internal: 2186

SAP Error Code: 06-625

Description: Market price for material saved
Internal: 2187

SAP Error Code: 06-626

Description: System was not able to save market price for material
Internal: 2188

SAP Error Code: 06-627

Description: Minimum price saved as market price
Internal: 2189

SAP Error Code: 06-628

Description: Not possible to save market price for material group
Internal: 2190

SAP Error Code: 06-629

Description: No market price calculation schema assigned to purch. org.
Internal: 2191

SAP Error Code: 06-630

Description: Only to 12 quotations can be displayed per page
Internal: 2192

SAP Error Code: 06-631

Description: Purchase requisition , item , has different batch
Internal: 2193

SAP Error Code: 06-632

Description: Please maintain one address reference only
Internal: 2194

SAP Error Code: 06-633

Description: Material not listed in plant (error , see long text)
Internal: 2195

SAP Error Code: 06-634

Description: Pricing at time of goods receipt not possible for this item
Internal: 2196

SAP Error Code: 06-635

Description: Overflow in total net weight of item
Internal: 2197

SAP Error Code: 06-636

Description: Overflow in total gross weight of item
Internal: 2198

SAP Error Code: 06-637

Description: Overflow in total volume of item
Internal: 2199

SAP Error Code: 06-638

Description: Overflow in total number of points for item
Internal: 2200

SAP Error Code: 06-639

Description: Please use a stock transfer document type in this case
Internal: 2201

SAP Error Code: 06-640

Description: Promotion only runs from to
Internal: 2202

SAP Error Code: 06-641

Description: Check valuation type
Internal: 2203

SAP Error Code: 06-642

Description: Vendor is regular vendor for material
Internal: 2204

SAP Error Code: 06-643

Description: Material assigned to vendor sub-range
Internal: 2205

SAP Error Code: 06-644

Description: Please select main item corresponding to variant item
Internal: 2206

SAP Error Code: 06-645

Description: Material not included in promotion in unit
Internal: 2207

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