Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-646

Description: Material assigned to vendor sub-range
Internal: 2208

SAP Error Code: 06-647

Description: Vendor and purchasing organization belong to same company code
Internal: 2209

SAP Error Code: 06-648

Description: Requisition quantity already ordered in full (see follow-on docs.)
Internal: 2210

SAP Error Code: 06-649

Description: Batch has different valuation type
Internal: 2211

SAP Error Code: 06-650

Description: Conditions saved
Internal: 2212

SAP Error Code: 06-651

Description: Only one time period can be processed per condition
Internal: 2213

SAP Error Code: 06-652

Description: Condition already being processed
Internal: 2214

SAP Error Code: 06-653

Description: Calculation schema does not exist
Internal: 2215

SAP Error Code: 06-654

Description: Only contract items with invoice receipt allowed
Internal: 2216

SAP Error Code: 06-655

Description: No contract items of category allowed
Internal: 2217

SAP Error Code: 06-656

Description: Please enter valid scope of list
Internal: 2218

SAP Error Code: 06-657

Description: Not possible to determine a condition type for the price
Internal: 2219

SAP Error Code: 06-658

Description: Not possible to determine a condition type
Internal: 2220

SAP Error Code: 06-659

Description: No condition type chosen
Internal: 2221

SAP Error Code: 06-660

Description: Confirmation control key not allowed
Internal: 2222

SAP Error Code: 06-661

Description: No authorization for conditions of purchasing organization
Internal: 2223

SAP Error Code: 06-662

Description: No authorization for condition type
Internal: 2224

SAP Error Code: 06-663

Description: Error during copying of conditions
Internal: 2225

SAP Error Code: 06-664

Description: Error during reprocessing of conditions
Internal: 2226

SAP Error Code: 06-665

Description: Not all chosen items could be taken into account
Internal: 2227

SAP Error Code: 06-666

Description: Special proc. type not allowed with external procurement
Internal: 2228

SAP Error Code: 06-667

Description: Sequence does not exist
Internal: 2229

SAP Error Code: 06-668

Description: No condition types found
Internal: 2230

SAP Error Code: 06-669

Description: No condition types with access sequences found
Internal: 2231

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