Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-670

Description: To change, please position cursor on period or conditions
Internal: 2232

SAP Error Code: 06-671

Description: To display, please position cursor on period or conditions
Internal: 2233

SAP Error Code: 06-672

Description: To create, please position cursor on condition key
Internal: 2234

SAP Error Code: 06-673

Description: Supplying plant can be used for plant for stock transfer only
Internal: 2235

SAP Error Code: 06-674

Description: Doc. type should be used for suppl. plant and receiving plant
Internal: 2236

SAP Error Code: 06-675

Description: No goods recipient can be determined for sales document
Internal: 2237

SAP Error Code: 06-676

Description: This change superseded by another change
Internal: 2238

SAP Error Code: 06-677

Description: One-step stock transfer not possible for subcontracting items
Internal: 2239

SAP Error Code: 06-678

Description: Item is planned in another system
Internal: 2240

SAP Error Code: 06-679

Description: Chosen address not allowed
Internal: 2241

SAP Error Code: 06-680

Description: Vendor can supply material only as of
Internal: 2242

SAP Error Code: 06-681

Description: Vendor can supply material only until
Internal: 2243

SAP Error Code: 06-682

Description: Plant is not entered as a supplying plant for plant on
Internal: 2244

SAP Error Code: 06-683

Description: Purchasing document has release indicator (changes not possible)
Internal: 2245

SAP Error Code: 06-684

Description: Releases already effected are liable to be reset
Internal: 2246

SAP Error Code: 06-685

Description: Releases already effected will be cancelled
Internal: 2247

SAP Error Code: 06-686

Description: Purchasing document not defined for time-dependent conditions
Internal: 2248

SAP Error Code: 06-687

Description: Not possible to maintain conditions for item
Internal: 2249

SAP Error Code: 06-688

Description: Material group hierarchy does not exist
Internal: 2250

SAP Error Code: 06-689

Description: Purchasing document already outputted (release will not be changed)
Internal: 2251

SAP Error Code: 06-690

Description: Purchase requisition has status (release will not be changed)
Internal: 2252

SAP Error Code: 06-692

Description: Release already effected for requisition (variable should be entered here - variable1), item (variable should be entered here - variable1), with code
Internal: 2253

SAP Error Code: 06-693

Description: Tax indicator not defined for country
Internal: 2254

SAP Error Code: 06-694

Description: No delivery type defined for supplying plant and document type
Internal: 2255

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