Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-695

Description: Vendor and prior vendor must not be identical
Internal: 2256

SAP Error Code: 06-696

Description: New delivery date not automatically used as pricing date
Internal: 2257

SAP Error Code: 06-697

Description: This function only possible in the case of items with plant
Internal: 2258

SAP Error Code: 06-698

Description: Import data incomplete or does not exist
Internal: 2259

SAP Error Code: 06-699

Description: Requisition will only be closed through issue of PO
Internal: 2260

SAP Error Code: 06-702

Description: Enter an item
Internal: 2261

SAP Error Code: 06-703

Description: Item was not selected (processing not possible)
Internal: 2262

SAP Error Code: 06-705

Description: Several sources MRP-relevant on one date
Internal: 2263

SAP Error Code: 06-706

Description: No records with quotas valid for this date
Internal: 2264

SAP Error Code: 06-707

Description: Vendor of agreement differs from vendor in info record
Internal: 2265

SAP Error Code: 06-708

Description: Agreement with supplying plant not allowed here
Internal: 2266

SAP Error Code: 06-709

Description: Function not allowed in the case of material class item
Internal: 2267

SAP Error Code: 06-710

Description: Please enter at least one material and one plant
Internal: 2268

SAP Error Code: 06-711

Description: Please enter material and plant
Internal: 2269

SAP Error Code: 06-712

Description: Plant does not exist (processing not possible)
Internal: 2270

SAP Error Code: 06-713

Description: Function for line not possible
Internal: 2271

SAP Error Code: 06-714

Description: No records found in reference source list
Internal: 2272

SAP Error Code: 06-715

Description: Info record for material and vendor flagged for deletion
Internal: 2273

SAP Error Code: 06-716

Description: Plant info records may not be used in plant
Internal: 2274

SAP Error Code: 06-717

Description: Not possible to generate any source list records
Internal: 2275

SAP Error Code: 06-718

Description: Purchasing info record flagged for deletion
Internal: 2276

SAP Error Code: 06-719

Description: Please enter just one procedure
Internal: 2277

SAP Error Code: 06-720

Description: Not possible to enter different order unit
Internal: 2278

SAP Error Code: 06-721

Description: Not possible to enter different order unit
Internal: 2279

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