Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-722

Description: Source not included in list despite source list requirement
Internal: 2280

SAP Error Code: 06-723

Description: Source of supply blocked (according to source list)
Internal: 2281

SAP Error Code: 06-724

Description: Source of supply blocked for this delivery date
Internal: 2282

SAP Error Code: 06-725

Description: No plant-specific purchasing organization data exists
Internal: 2283

SAP Error Code: 06-726

Description: No purchasing organization data exists
Internal: 2284

SAP Error Code: 06-727

Description: A different source of supply is the fixed source for this date
Internal: 2285

SAP Error Code: 06-728

Description: You may not assign any sources of supply to items without material
Internal: 2286

SAP Error Code: 06-729

Description: You have no authorization for contract items of category
Internal: 2287

SAP Error Code: 06-730

Description: Outline agreement item and plant do not match up
Internal: 2288

SAP Error Code: 06-731

Description: Desired vendor differs from fixed vendor
Internal: 2289

SAP Error Code: 06-732

Description: Vendor and supplying plant incompatible
Internal: 2290

SAP Error Code: 06-733

Description: Data inconsistency in source list
Internal: 2291

SAP Error Code: 06-734

Description: Base unit entered differs from base unit of material
Internal: 2292

SAP Error Code: 06-735

Description: Source list for mat. and plant already being processed
Internal: 2293

SAP Error Code: 06-736

Description: Function not possible due to missing authorizations
Internal: 2294

SAP Error Code: 06-737

Description: Certain items omitted due to missing authorizations
Internal: 2295

SAP Error Code: 06-738

Description: All materials and plants processable
Internal: 2296

SAP Error Code: 06-739

Description: Base unit and order unit incompatible
Internal: 2297

SAP Error Code: 06-740

Description: Vendor flagged for deletion
Internal: 2298

SAP Error Code: 06-741

Description: Vendor for purchasing org. flagged for deletion
Internal: 2299

SAP Error Code: 06-742

Description: Outline agreement flagged for deletion
Internal: 2300

SAP Error Code: 06-743

Description: Item of outline agreement flagged for deletion
Internal: 2301

SAP Error Code: 06-744

Description: Delivery of item of document already completed
Internal: 2302

SAP Error Code: 06-745

Description: Final invoice already submitted for item of outline agreement
Internal: 2303

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