Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-746

Description: Plant reset due to plant condition ban
Internal: 2304

SAP Error Code: 06-747

Description: One-time vendor not allowed for this transaction
Internal: 2305

SAP Error Code: 06-748

Description: Vendor blocked for posting
Internal: 2306

SAP Error Code: 06-749

Description: Source list excludes external procurement of material
Internal: 2307

SAP Error Code: 06-750

Description: In case of evaluated receipt settlement, please enter tax code
Internal: 2308

SAP Error Code: 06-751

Description: Position cursor on a valid line
Internal: 2309

SAP Error Code: 06-752

Description: Selected line unsuitable for this function
Internal: 2310

SAP Error Code: 06-753

Description: Please enter a different material and/or a different plant
Internal: 2311

SAP Error Code: 06-754

Description: Terms of payment specifying payment by installment not possible here
Internal: 2312

SAP Error Code: 06-755

Description: Choose one line only
Internal: 2313

SAP Error Code: 06-756

Description: Choose a line
Internal: 2314

SAP Error Code: 06-757

Description: You can define only scheduling agreements for scheduling purposes
Internal: 2315

SAP Error Code: 06-758

Description: Minimum remaining shelf life exceeds total shelf life
Internal: 2316

SAP Error Code: 06-759

Description: Agmt. items w. acct. assgt. only MRP-rel. in case of indiv. procurement
Internal: 2317

SAP Error Code: 06-760

Description: Unit of measure not convertible into base unit
Internal: 2318

SAP Error Code: 06-761

Description: Overflow during conversion of into
Internal: 2319

SAP Error Code: 06-762

Description: Material will be posted to own stock in hand at time of goods receipt
Internal: 2320

SAP Error Code: 06-763

Description: Please use SC vendor indicator only in connection with vendors
Internal: 2321

SAP Error Code: 06-764

Description: The scheduling agreement item cannot be used in materials planning
Internal: 2322

SAP Error Code: 06-765

Description: Conversion factor differs from that already defined (<--> (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 2323

SAP Error Code: 06-766

Description: Conversion factor replaced by one already defined
Internal: 2324

SAP Error Code: 06-767

Description: Kanban indicator reset (source list unprocessable)
Internal: 2325

SAP Error Code: 06-770

Description: Plant not created for material master record
Internal: 2326

SAP Error Code: 06-771

Description: Material not maintained by purchasing
Internal: 2327

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