Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-772

Description: Material not maintained by accounting department
Internal: 2328

SAP Error Code: 06-773

Description: Material maintained neither by MRP nor by purchasing
Internal: 2329

SAP Error Code: 06-774

Description: Material has status "" (therefore blocked for materials planning)
Internal: 2330

SAP Error Code: 06-775

Description: Document type allows supplying plants with vendor assignment only
Internal: 2331

SAP Error Code: 06-776

Description: No purchasing organization entered (function not possible)
Internal: 2332

SAP Error Code: 06-777

Description: Please restrict selection of material
Internal: 2333

SAP Error Code: 06-778

Description: Not all selected items can be processed
Internal: 2334

SAP Error Code: 06-779

Description: Only plant contracts may be used in plant
Internal: 2335

SAP Error Code: 06-780

Description: Please enter selection specifications
Internal: 2336

SAP Error Code: 06-781

Description: Please restrict selection of at least material or plant
Internal: 2337

SAP Error Code: 06-783

Description: Agreement item not suitable for procurement of material
Internal: 2338

SAP Error Code: 06-784

Description: Plant contracts may not be used in plant
Internal: 2339

SAP Error Code: 06-785

Description: No source lists exist
Internal: 2340

SAP Error Code: 06-786

Description: There is no plant that could procure via the info record
Internal: 2341

SAP Error Code: 06-787

Description: Please set long descriptive text indicator to 'x' only
Internal: 2342

SAP Error Code: 06-788

Description: Please do not change language of text
Internal: 2343

SAP Error Code: 06-789

Description: Validity of record outside validity period of agreement
Internal: 2344

SAP Error Code: 06-790

Description: Source list changed
Internal: 2345

SAP Error Code: 06-791

Description: Validity period may not start in the future
Internal: 2346

SAP Error Code: 06-792

Description: Please choose just one option for the treatment of old records
Internal: 2347

SAP Error Code: 06-793

Description: Please enter new source lists (old ones deleted)
Internal: 2348

SAP Error Code: 06-794

Description: No plant that could release against the contract item exists
Internal: 2349

SAP Error Code: 06-796

Description: No source lists found
Internal: 2350

SAP Error Code: 06-797

Description: Please select either "blocked" or "fixed" indicator
Internal: 2351

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