Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-798

Description: Agreement item allows exclusion indicator "(variable should be entered here - variable1)" only
Internal: 2352

SAP Error Code: 06-799

Description: Please select just one possibility
Internal: 2353

SAP Error Code: 06-800

Description: Purchase requisition does not contain any changeable items
Internal: 2354

SAP Error Code: 06-801

Description: No saving in vendor currency from now on
Internal: 2355

SAP Error Code: 06-802

Description: Quantity scheduled for exceeded by (next date: (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 2356

SAP Error Code: 06-803

Description: Maximum order quantity from info record exceeded
Internal: 2357

SAP Error Code: 06-804

Description: Document type allows only vendors with plant assignment
Internal: 2358

SAP Error Code: 06-805

Description: Please enter key date for document or entry date
Internal: 2359

SAP Error Code: 06-806

Description: Procurement w/o material from vendor with plant assignment not defined
Internal: 2360

SAP Error Code: 06-808

Description: Automatic conversion of requisition not possible due to BOM explosion
Internal: 2361

SAP Error Code: 06-809

Description: Not all contract release orders archived for item
Internal: 2362

SAP Error Code: 06-810

Description: No released technical terms of delivery exist for material
Internal: 2363

SAP Error Code: 06-812

Description: This function no longer possible after the order unit has been changed
Internal: 2364

SAP Error Code: 06-813

Description: Please check conversion factors in the conditions
Internal: 2365

SAP Error Code: 06-814

Description: Material not a pipeline material (please check your input)
Internal: 2366

SAP Error Code: 06-815

Description: In VSR , material has same sort sequence no. in info record
Internal: 2367

SAP Error Code: 06-816

Description: Material in info record has same sort sequence number
Internal: 2368

SAP Error Code: 06-818

Description: Currency cannot now be changed (conditions already maintained)
Internal: 2369

SAP Error Code: 06-819

Description: Item contains no configured material
Internal: 2370

SAP Error Code: 06-821

Description: Error during insert EINA with key
Internal: 2371

SAP Error Code: 06-822

Description: Error during insert EINE with key
Internal: 2372

SAP Error Code: 06-823

Description: Error during update EINA with key
Internal: 2373

SAP Error Code: 06-824

Description: Error during update EINE with key
Internal: 2374

SAP Error Code: 06-825

Description: Error during delete EINA with key
Internal: 2375

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