Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-826

Description: Error during delete EINE with key
Internal: 2376

SAP Error Code: 06-827

Description: Error during insert EIPA with key
Internal: 2377

SAP Error Code: 06-828

Description: Error during update EIPA with key
Internal: 2378

SAP Error Code: 06-829

Description: Error during delete EIPA with key
Internal: 2379

SAP Error Code: 06-830

Description: Function not defined for sub-item
Internal: 2380

SAP Error Code: 06-831

Description: Error during insert EORD with key
Internal: 2381

SAP Error Code: 06-832

Description: Error during update EORD with key
Internal: 2382

SAP Error Code: 06-833

Description: Error during delete EORD with key
Internal: 2383

SAP Error Code: 06-834

Description: System unable to determine a discount-in-kind schema
Internal: 2384

SAP Error Code: 06-835

Description: Quantity in item differs from total quantity of sub-items
Internal: 2385

SAP Error Code: 06-836

Description: No configuration yet maintained for material
Internal: 2386

SAP Error Code: 06-837

Description: Error during generation of sub-items of category for item
Internal: 2387

SAP Error Code: 06-838

Description: If necessary, maintain changes in allocation table (variable should be entered here - variable1), item
Internal: 2388

SAP Error Code: 06-839

Description: Function not possible in the case of items with account assignment
Internal: 2389

SAP Error Code: 06-840

Description: Account assignment category cannot be used in Purchasing
Internal: 2390

SAP Error Code: 06-841

Description: Error during insert EQUK with key
Internal: 2391

SAP Error Code: 06-842

Description: Error during updae EQUK with key
Internal: 2392

SAP Error Code: 06-843

Description: Error during delete EQUK with key
Internal: 2393

SAP Error Code: 06-844

Description: Please enter a valid date category
Internal: 2394

SAP Error Code: 06-845

Description: Not possible to adopt a delivery date
Internal: 2395

SAP Error Code: 06-846

Description: Please maintain sales org./division/distr. channel in supplying plant
Internal: 2396

SAP Error Code: 06-847

Description: Forecast schedule release generated against scheduling agreement
Internal: 2397

SAP Error Code: 06-849

Description: Customer does not exist (please change entry in plant (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 2398

SAP Error Code: 06-850

Description: Material flagged for deletion
Internal: 2399

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