Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-851

Description: Error during insert EQUP with key
Internal: 2400

SAP Error Code: 06-852

Description: Error during update EQUP with key
Internal: 2401

SAP Error Code: 06-853

Description: Error during delete EQUP with key
Internal: 2402

SAP Error Code: 06-854

Description: No sales and distribution data maintained for material
Internal: 2403

SAP Error Code: 06-855

Description: Not possible to determine shipping point for item
Internal: 2404

SAP Error Code: 06-856

Description: Validity period of RFQ does not start until
Internal: 2405

SAP Error Code: 06-857

Description: Error generating release against scheduling agreement (cause (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 2406

SAP Error Code: 06-858

Description: JIT delivery schedule created under scheduling agreement
Internal: 2407

SAP Error Code: 06-859

Description: Material : Max. 9999 sched. lines possible in sched. agmt. , item
Internal: 2408

SAP Error Code: 06-860

Description: Error during update PLAF with key
Internal: 2409

SAP Error Code: 06-861

Description: Error during update EKET with key
Internal: 2410

SAP Error Code: 06-862

Description: Error during update EBAN with key
Internal: 2411

SAP Error Code: 06-863

Description: Error on update of EKPO with key
Internal: 2412

SAP Error Code: 06-864

Description: Error during array insert table EKET
Internal: 2413

SAP Error Code: 06-865

Description: Error during array delete table EKET
Internal: 2414

SAP Error Code: 06-866

Description: Error during array update table EKPO
Internal: 2415

SAP Error Code: 06-867

Description: Error during INSERT RSDB with key
Internal: 2416

SAP Error Code: 06-868

Description: Error during UPDATE RSDB with key
Internal: 2417

SAP Error Code: 06-869

Description: Error during UPDATE AFPO with key
Internal: 2418

SAP Error Code: 06-871

Description: Required QA system not defined
Internal: 2419

SAP Error Code: 06-872

Description: Actual QA system not defined
Internal: 2420

SAP Error Code: 06-873

Description: Vendor's or manufacturer's QA system inadequate
Internal: 2421

SAP Error Code: 06-874

Description: Release strategy will be changed despite status
Internal: 2422

SAP Error Code: 06-875

Description: Vendor's/manufacturer's QA system inadequate in the case of item(s)
Internal: 2423

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