Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 06-876

Description: Requisition quantity open again
Internal: 2424

SAP Error Code: 06-877

Description: Requisition closed
Internal: 2425

SAP Error Code: 06-878

Description: Maximum value for effective price exceeded
Internal: 2426

SAP Error Code: 06-879

Description: Revision level of material reset for quality reasons
Internal: 2427

SAP Error Code: 06-880

Description: Quantity approved by QM already exceeded by
Internal: 2428

SAP Error Code: 06-881

Description: Purchase orders released until only (for quality reasons)
Internal: 2429

SAP Error Code: 06-882

Description: For quality reasons, only remain approved for procurement
Internal: 2430

SAP Error Code: 06-883

Description: Procurement of material blocked for quality reasons
Internal: 2431

SAP Error Code: 06-884

Description: Vendor blocked for for quality reasons
Internal: 2432

SAP Error Code: 06-885

Description: No released quality agreement exists for material
Internal: 2433

SAP Error Code: 06-886

Description: Quality management active for procurement of material
Internal: 2434

SAP Error Code: 06-887

Description: The quality agreement assigned to material is out of date
Internal: 2435

SAP Error Code: 06-888

Description: Vendor blocked by QM for material plant
Internal: 2436

SAP Error Code: 06-889

Description: No QM info record exists for material
Internal: 2437

SAP Error Code: 06-890

Description: RFQs cannot be issued to this vendor for any items (for quality reasons)
Internal: 2438

SAP Error Code: 06-896

Description: RFQs cannot be issued for all items for quality reasons
Internal: 2439

SAP Error Code: 06-899

Description: No QM info record exists for vendor
Internal: 2440

SAP Error Code: 0A-100

Description: Enter program names in BW
Internal: 2441

SAP Error Code: 0A-101

Description: Program / already supplies a hierarchy for
Internal: 2442

SAP Error Code: 0A-102

Description: Default program / already supplies a hierarchy for
Internal: 2443

SAP Error Code: 0A-103

Description: No hierarchy or master data can be loaded for this program
Internal: 2444

SAP Error Code: 0A-150

Description: Selection conditions for the program are not unique
Internal: 2445

SAP Error Code: 0A-151

Description: No programs exist in OLTP for BW program /
Internal: 2446

SAP Error Code: 0A-152

Description: No program supplying hierarchy exists in OLTP for BW program /
Internal: 2447

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