Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 0A-153

Description: Selection criteria selected for field that is not supported
Internal: 2448

SAP Error Code: 0A-155

Description: System error occurred in program for
Internal: 2449

SAP Error Code: 0A-160

Description: Error when generating table index for table
Internal: 2450

SAP Error Code: 0A-401

Description: Status has already been used during user status maintenance
Internal: 2451

SAP Error Code: 0A-402

Description: Status has already been used during system status maintenance
Internal: 2452

SAP Error Code: 0C-001

Description: Error while assigning characteristic values
Internal: 2453

SAP Error Code: 0C-002

Description: System error while accessing characteristic data
Internal: 2454

SAP Error Code: 0C-003

Description: Error while displaying allowed values
Internal: 2455

SAP Error Code: 0C-004

Description: Enter a key in the admissible name range
Internal: 2456

SAP Error Code: 0C-005

Description: Only make changes in the permitted namespace
Internal: 2457

SAP Error Code: 0C-006

Description: Message destination in SAP name range; Entry cannot be deleted
Internal: 2458

SAP Error Code: 0C-007

Description: Charact. is not assigned to message category
Internal: 2459

SAP Error Code: 0C-008

Description: Plant is not created in the system
Internal: 2460

SAP Error Code: 0C-010

Description: Enter a valid characteristic
Internal: 2461

SAP Error Code: 0C-011

Description: Entry not found (check entry)
Internal: 2462

SAP Error Code: 0C-012

Description: Enter a sort number
Internal: 2463

SAP Error Code: 0C-013

Description: Do not make more than one entry
Internal: 2464

SAP Error Code: 0C-014

Description: Enter a characteristic name
Internal: 2465

SAP Error Code: 0C-017

Description: Only use process instructions of type 0
Internal: 2466

SAP Error Code: 0C-018

Description: Process instruction category is not defined. You cannot reference it
Internal: 2467

SAP Error Code: 0C-019

Description: Sort name for cockpit name already exists
Internal: 2468

SAP Error Code: 0C-020

Description: Sort number already used in process message category
Internal: 2469

SAP Error Code: 0C-021

Description: Sort number already used in process instruction category
Internal: 2470

SAP Error Code: 0C-022

Description: No value assigned to characteristic
Internal: 2471

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