Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 0C-059

Description: Function module is not created in the function library
Internal: 2496

SAP Error Code: 0C-060

Description: First activate function module
Internal: 2497

SAP Error Code: 0C-061

Description: Correct the interface definition for function module
Internal: 2498

SAP Error Code: 0C-062

Description: RFC destination is not created (check entry)
Internal: 2499

SAP Error Code: 0C-064

Description: Error while checking the SAPoffice user
Internal: 2500

SAP Error Code: 0C-065

Description: SAPoffice user is not created (check entry)
Internal: 2501

SAP Error Code: 0C-071

Description: No target fields required for destinations of type
Internal: 2502

SAP Error Code: 0C-100

Description: First assign the destination to the message category
Internal: 2503

SAP Error Code: 0C-151

Description: SAP standard settings are copied to plant
Internal: 2504

SAP Error Code: 0H-117

Description: Internal error (program dollar-sign, function module dollar-sign, return code dollar-sign)
Internal: 2505

SAP Error Code: 0H-227

Description: Select exactly one node.
Internal: 2506

SAP Error Code: 0H-228

Description: No corresponding entry found
Internal: 2507

SAP Error Code: 0H-229

Description: No other entry found
Internal: 2508

SAP Error Code: 0H-230

Description: Choose at least one column
Internal: 2509

SAP Error Code: 0H-231

Description: Column cannot be calculated
Internal: 2510

SAP Error Code: 0H-302

Description: Hierarchy not correctly structured
Internal: 2511

SAP Error Code: 0H-303

Description: You cannot insert nodes at this point
Internal: 2512

SAP Error Code: 0H-310

Description: No help available
Internal: 2513

SAP Error Code: 0H-342

Description: Enter a larger level
Internal: 2514

SAP Error Code: 0H-450

Description: Assign an item to each output field
Internal: 2515

SAP Error Code: 0H-451

Description: Enter an output length less than 70
Internal: 2516

SAP Error Code: 0H-452

Description: Assign items unequivocally
Internal: 2517

SAP Error Code: 0H-453

Description: Key fields set to first items
Internal: 2518

SAP Error Code: 0H-454

Description: Indenting key fields is not allowed
Internal: 2519

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