Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 0H-455

Description: Assign only sequential items to a group
Internal: 2520

SAP Error Code: 0H-456

Description: Locked key fields must be output
Internal: 2521

SAP Error Code: 0H-457

Description: Select only one insert item
Internal: 2522

SAP Error Code: 0H-458

Description: Too many views
Internal: 2523

SAP Error Code: 0H-459

Description: Key too long
Internal: 2524

SAP Error Code: 0H-460

Description: No level defined
Internal: 2525

SAP Error Code: 0H-464

Description: Reduce the number of output fields
Internal: 2526

SAP Error Code: 0H-465

Description: Reduce the size of output group
Internal: 2527

SAP Error Code: 0H-466

Description: Reduce the output lengths
Internal: 2528

SAP Error Code: 0K-001

Description: Position cursor on column header
Internal: 2529

SAP Error Code: 0K-002

Description: Please reduce the selection - max. width of list of results exceeded
Internal: 2530

SAP Error Code: 0K-003

Description: Desired operation cannot be performed for column '(variable should be entered here - variable1)'
Internal: 2531

SAP Error Code: 0K-004

Description: Position the cursor on a line in the list
Internal: 2532

SAP Error Code: 0K-005

Description: Select at least one column
Internal: 2533

SAP Error Code: 0K-006

Description: Select at least one entry
Internal: 2534

SAP Error Code: 0K-008

Description: A maximum of lines are allowed
Internal: 2535

SAP Error Code: 0K-009

Description: Input value too large
Internal: 2536

SAP Error Code: 0K-010

Description: Filter set
Internal: 2537

SAP Error Code: 0K-011

Description: Filter deleted
Internal: 2538

SAP Error Code: 0K-012

Description: List has been sorted
Internal: 2539

SAP Error Code: 0K-013

Description: Subtotals have been calculated
Internal: 2540

SAP Error Code: 0K-014

Description: Sums have been calculated
Internal: 2541

SAP Error Code: 0K-015

Description: Layout copied
Internal: 2542

SAP Error Code: 0K-016

Description: Subtotals cannot be calculated using item characteristics
Internal: 2543

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