Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T0-024

Description: Firstly enter the product type
Internal: 172748

SAP Error Code: T0-025

Description: Firstly enter the transaction type
Internal: 172749

SAP Error Code: T0-026

Description: No entry exists in the NPV table
Internal: 172750

SAP Error Code: T0-027

Description: The flow you selected cannot be changed
Internal: 172751

SAP Error Code: T0-028

Description: Condition type (variable should be entered here - variable1), does not exist
Internal: 172752

SAP Error Code: T0-029

Description: No flow type is assigned to condition type (variable should be entered here - variable1),
Internal: 172753

SAP Error Code: T0-030

Description: Flow type (variable should be entered here - variable1), does not exist
Internal: 172754

SAP Error Code: T0-05

Description: SQL tables:
Internal: 172755

SAP Error Code: T0-051

Description: Planned fixing date different to actual fixing date
Internal: 172756

SAP Error Code: T0-06

Description: Tables:
Internal: 172757

SAP Error Code: T0-07

Description: Views:
Internal: 172758

SAP Error Code: T0-070

Description: Activity already reversed
Internal: 172759

SAP Error Code: T0-071

Description: Activity not active
Internal: 172760

SAP Error Code: T0-072

Description: Activity already has posted flows
Internal: 172761

SAP Error Code: T0-073

Description: Object is not a Treasury transaction
Internal: 172762

SAP Error Code: T0-074

Description: Address ID is not defined for business partner
Internal: 172763

SAP Error Code: T0-075

Description: Transaction does not exist in company code
Internal: 172764

SAP Error Code: T0-076

Description: Grouping is only allowed for manual netting
Internal: 172765

SAP Error Code: T0-077

Description: Enter the bank details of the payer/payee
Internal: 172766

SAP Error Code: T0-078

Description: No correspondence data exist
Internal: 172767

SAP Error Code: T0-079

Description: Maintain the 'List of payment methods' field
Internal: 172768

SAP Error Code: T0-08

Description: Indexes:
Internal: 172769

SAP Error Code: T0-080

Description: Only one underlying can be processed
Internal: 172770

SAP Error Code: T0-081

Description: Function only for sold currency options
Internal: 172771

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