Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T0-263

Description: Update was canceled
Internal: 172940

SAP Error Code: T0-264

Description: The user settings have been deleted
Internal: 172941

SAP Error Code: T0-27

Description: Processing was successfully completed
Internal: 172942

SAP Error Code: T0-30

Description: Table name belongs to a reserved name range
Internal: 172943

SAP Error Code: T0-301

Description: Number range does not exist
Internal: 172944

SAP Error Code: T0-302

Description: Number range reserved for internal assignment
Internal: 172945

SAP Error Code: T0-303

Description: Number range reserved for external assignment
Internal: 172946

SAP Error Code: T0-304

Description: Number not between and
Internal: 172947

SAP Error Code: T0-305

Description: Specify external number
Internal: 172948

SAP Error Code: T0-306

Description: Numbers are in critical assignment area
Internal: 172949

SAP Error Code: T0-307

Description: Assigned number is last in number range
Internal: 172950

SAP Error Code: T0-308

Description: You are requesting more numbers than are available
Internal: 172951

SAP Error Code: T0-309

Description: Number already assigned
Internal: 172952

SAP Error Code: T0-31

Description: Nametab for table could not be generated from N version
Internal: 172953

SAP Error Code: T0-310

Description: The number range is not maintained.
Internal: 172954

SAP Error Code: T0-311

Description: Set number range to internal assignment
Internal: 172955

SAP Error Code: T0-32

Description: Action cancelled
Internal: 172956

SAP Error Code: T0-321

Description: Only one date is generated if you do not specify a frequency
Internal: 172957

SAP Error Code: T0-322

Description: Enter only one frequency
Internal: 172958

SAP Error Code: T0-323

Description: At least one calendar is required for this working day rule
Internal: 172959

SAP Error Code: T0-324

Description: Enter a fixed or variable interest rate or an amount
Internal: 172960

SAP Error Code: T0-325

Description: You can enter either a fixed or variable interest rate or an amount
Internal: 172961

SAP Error Code: T0-326

Description: Enter a currency for the amount
Internal: 172962

SAP Error Code: T0-327

Description: Inconsistency due date - due date +/-. Will be corrected
Internal: 172963

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