Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T0-78

Description: Data from table dollar-sign could not be deleted
Internal: 173204

SAP Error Code: T0-79

Description: Activate dollar-sign dollar-sign
Internal: 173205

SAP Error Code: T0-801

Description: No correspond.type defined for prod.type (variable should be entered here - variable1), trans.type and activity
Internal: 173206

SAP Error Code: T0-802

Description: Planning level for planning type is not maintained
Internal: 173207

SAP Error Code: T0-803

Description: Error number range object RC planning type CoCd
Internal: 173208

SAP Error Code: T0-804

Description: Maintain fax options in Customizing
Internal: 173209

SAP Error Code: T0-805

Description: Correspondence for already exists for this transaction
Internal: 173210

SAP Error Code: T0-806

Description: There is no fax number for business partner
Internal: 173211

SAP Error Code: T0-807

Description: Posting: Transaction (variable should be entered here - variable1), activity not yet counterconfirmedexclamation-point
Internal: 173212

SAP Error Code: T0-808

Description: Form for generating correspondence does not exist
Internal: 173213

SAP Error Code: T0-809

Description: Specify form names in correspondence customizing
Internal: 173214

SAP Error Code: T0-810

Description: Define output device for printout
Internal: 173215

SAP Error Code: T0-811

Description: No correspondence planned records have been selected
Internal: 173216

SAP Error Code: T0-812

Description: Error during bank data determination:
Internal: 173217

SAP Error Code: T0-813

Description: For internal correspondence type (variable should be entered here - variable1), only the medium 'Printer' is allowed.
Internal: 173218

SAP Error Code: T0-814

Description: No errors in area checked
Internal: 173219

SAP Error Code: T0-815

Description: No relevant Customizing entries found under 'Assign forms'
Internal: 173220

SAP Error Code: T0-816

Description: Product category ((variable should be entered here - variable1)) is not supported.
Internal: 173221

SAP Error Code: T0-817

Description: The product category does not exist in client
Internal: 173222

SAP Error Code: T0-818

Description: Transaction category for product category does not exist in client
Internal: 173223

SAP Error Code: T0-819

Description: Activity cat. is not allowed for product cat. and transaction cat.
Internal: 173224

SAP Error Code: T0-820

Description: Activity category ((variable should be entered here - variable1)) is not defined for correspondence.
Internal: 173225

SAP Error Code: T0-821

Description: With CorrType (internal), the 'Enter CoConf.' checkbox has no effect.
Internal: 173226

SAP Error Code: T0-822

Description: There are no counterconfirmation functions for product type
Internal: 173227

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