Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T0-823

Description: Correspondence type does not exist
Internal: 173228

SAP Error Code: T0-824

Description: The check was carried out without errors
Internal: 173229

SAP Error Code: T0-825

Description: Check results:
Internal: 173230

SAP Error Code: T0-826

Description: Possible incorrect Customizing settings (see long text)
Internal: 173231

SAP Error Code: T0-827

Description: Confirmation and counterconfirmation not yet carried out
Internal: 173232

SAP Error Code: T0-828

Description: Confirmation (Correspondence type ; medium ) not yet carried out
Internal: 173233

SAP Error Code: T0-829

Description: The counterconfirmation has not yet been matched
Internal: 173234

SAP Error Code: T0-830

Description: Planned record cannot be created (see long text)
Internal: 173235

SAP Error Code: T0-831

Description: Planned record not created as it already exists
Internal: 173236

SAP Error Code: T0-833

Description: No SAPscript form can be determined from the Customizing settings.
Internal: 173237

SAP Error Code: T0-834

Description: The internal correspondence type cannot be status relevant
Internal: 173238

SAP Error Code: T0-835

Description: Files cannot be created for SWIFT planned records of product type
Internal: 173239

SAP Error Code: T0-836

Description: Check Customizing for corr. type , product type , transaction type
Internal: 173240

SAP Error Code: T0-837

Description: Status-relevant planned record for chosen activity not permitted
Internal: 173241

SAP Error Code: T0-838

Description: Choose at least one output medium
Internal: 173242

SAP Error Code: T0-839

Description: Inconsistency between 'Counterconfirmation reqd' and 'Status relevant'
Internal: 173243

SAP Error Code: T0-840

Description: Trading and settlement activities entered for prod.type /trans.type
Internal: 173244

SAP Error Code: T0-841

Description: Output device for printing (error-) log not defined
Internal: 173245

SAP Error Code: T0-843

Description: The current activity has already been counterconfirmedexclamation-point
Internal: 173246

SAP Error Code: T0-844

Description: Counterconfirmation of transaction is not possible
Internal: 173247

SAP Error Code: T0-845

Description: Date and/or time of counterconfirmation incorrect
Internal: 173248

SAP Error Code: T0-846

Description: No unique assignment of counterconfirmation possible
Internal: 173249

SAP Error Code: T0-847

Description: Unique assignment of counterconfirmation for activity not possible
Internal: 173250

SAP Error Code: T0-848

Description: No correspondence planned records found
Internal: 173251

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