Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T0-943

Description: Posting is still open (due date )
Internal: 173324

SAP Error Code: T0-944

Description: Posting reversal is still open (due date )
Internal: 173325

SAP Error Code: T0-945

Description: Payment is still open (due date ), flow not yet posted
Internal: 173326

SAP Error Code: T0-946

Description: Payment reversal is still open (due date )
Internal: 173327

SAP Error Code: T0-947

Description: Payment is still open (due date ), payment request not regulated
Internal: 173328

SAP Error Code: T0-948

Description: Payment is still open (due date ), open item not settled
Internal: 173329

SAP Error Code: T0-95

Description: Conversion of table dollar-sign is restarted
Internal: 173330

SAP Error Code: T0-96

Description: Request is dealt with by executing DDL statements
Internal: 173331

SAP Error Code: T0-97

Description: Request dealt with by deleting nametab
Internal: 173332

SAP Error Code: T0-98

Description: Deletion and recreation of dollar-sign dollar-sign failed
Internal: 173333

SAP Error Code: T0-980

Description: Conversion program successfully completed
Internal: 173334

SAP Error Code: T0-981

Description: Conversion program terminated
Internal: 173335

SAP Error Code: T0-982

Description: Conversion program successfully completed: no conversion necessary
Internal: 173336

SAP Error Code: T0-99

Description: Error creating secondary indexes
Internal: 173337

SAP Error Code: T0-999

Description: Termination:
Internal: 173338

SAP Error Code: T1-00

Description: Delete dollar-sign dollar-sign with nametab(s)
Internal: 173339

SAP Error Code: T1-001

Description: Financial product with no. already exists
Internal: 173340

SAP Error Code: T1-002

Description: Financial product with no. does not exist
Internal: 173341

SAP Error Code: T1-003

Description: The combination of the selected entries does not make sense
Internal: 173342

SAP Error Code: T1-004

Description: Transaction does not exist in Table T180
Internal: 173343

SAP Error Code: T1-005

Description: Partner selected
Internal: 173344

SAP Error Code: T1-006

Description: Contact person already exists
Internal: 173345

SAP Error Code: T1-007

Description: Contact person does not exist
Internal: 173346

SAP Error Code: T1-008

Description: Bank details do not exist
Internal: 173347

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