Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T1-009

Description: Contact person changed
Internal: 173348

SAP Error Code: T1-01

Description: Program was not generated
Internal: 173349

SAP Error Code: T1-010

Description: Partner does not exist
Internal: 173350

SAP Error Code: T1-011

Description: Role does not exist
Internal: 173351

SAP Error Code: T1-012

Description: No partner selected
Internal: 173352

SAP Error Code: T1-013

Description: Partner is a required field
Internal: 173353

SAP Error Code: T1-014

Description: Contact person deleted
Internal: 173354

SAP Error Code: T1-015

Description: Contact person created
Internal: 173355

SAP Error Code: T1-016

Description: Counterparty does not exist
Internal: 173356

SAP Error Code: T1-017

Description: Swap edited
Internal: 173357

SAP Error Code: T1-018

Description: Transaction type does not exist
Internal: 173358

SAP Error Code: T1-019

Description: You must specify either a payment amount or a percentage
Internal: 173359

SAP Error Code: T1-020

Description: Premium amount adjusted
Internal: 173360

SAP Error Code: T1-021

Description: Currency of premium taken from nominal amount
Internal: 173361

SAP Error Code: T1-022

Description: A main flow was selected as an other flow
Internal: 173362

SAP Error Code: T1-023

Description: Premium amount and currency adjusted
Internal: 173363

SAP Error Code: T1-024

Description: Nominal amount changed: check premium amount
Internal: 173364

SAP Error Code: T1-025

Description: Premium currency adjusted
Internal: 173365

SAP Error Code: T1-026

Description: Select at least one flow
Internal: 173366

SAP Error Code: T1-027

Description: This flow type is not assigned to activity category
Internal: 173367

SAP Error Code: T1-028

Description: Term from is greater than term until
Internal: 173368

SAP Error Code: T1-029

Description: Due date must be after start of term
Internal: 173369

SAP Error Code: T1-03

Description: Request is dealt with by executing DDL statements
Internal: 173370

SAP Error Code: T1-030

Description: Enter interest rate limitation
Internal: 173371

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