Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T1-031

Description: Lower limit must be smaller than upper limit
Internal: 173372

SAP Error Code: T1-032

Description: Status does not exist
Internal: 173373

SAP Error Code: T1-033

Description: Financial transaction saved under number
Internal: 173374

SAP Error Code: T1-034

Description: Product type does not belong to product category
Internal: 173375

SAP Error Code: T1-035

Description: No activity exists for financial transaction (data inconsistency)
Internal: 173376

SAP Error Code: T1-036

Description: Transaction not yet fully entered
Internal: 173377

SAP Error Code: T1-037

Description: Enter only either fixed or rate and either markup or markdown
Internal: 173378

SAP Error Code: T1-038

Description: Enter currency
Internal: 173379

SAP Error Code: T1-039

Description: Enter term
Internal: 173380

SAP Error Code: T1-040

Description: Enter the interest rate
Internal: 173381

SAP Error Code: T1-041

Description: Due date is greater than end of term
Internal: 173382

SAP Error Code: T1-043

Description: One condition already exists with this 'effective from'
Internal: 173383

SAP Error Code: T1-044

Description: Due date must be after 'valid from'
Internal: 173384

SAP Error Code: T1-045

Description: Enter first due date
Internal: 173385

SAP Error Code: T1-046

Description: Enter 'valid from' for interest rate condition
Internal: 173386

SAP Error Code: T1-047

Description: No conditions selected
Internal: 173387

SAP Error Code: T1-048

Description: You cannot delete all conditions
Internal: 173388

SAP Error Code: T1-049

Description: Enter valid other flow
Internal: 173389

SAP Error Code: T1-05

Description: Request dealt with by activation
Internal: 173390

SAP Error Code: T1-050

Description: Transaction does not exist
Internal: 173391

SAP Error Code: T1-051

Description: Enter payment amount
Internal: 173392

SAP Error Code: T1-052

Description: Enter payment date
Internal: 173393

SAP Error Code: T1-053

Description: Enter end of first interest period
Internal: 173394

SAP Error Code: T1-054

Description: End of period must be after start of term
Internal: 173395

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