Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T1-217

Description: Termination date falls after or at end of contract term ((variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 173564

SAP Error Code: T1-218

Description: Termination date falls before or on contract start date ((variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 173565

SAP Error Code: T1-219

Description: Flows exist that were posted after
Internal: 173566

SAP Error Code: T1-22

Description: Nametab of table dollar-sign with status dollar-sign does not exist
Internal: 173567

SAP Error Code: T1-220

Description: Order execution is outside validity period to
Internal: 173568

SAP Error Code: T1-221

Description: Activity does not allow a termination
Internal: 173569

SAP Error Code: T1-222

Description: There are interest rate adjustments after termination date
Internal: 173570

SAP Error Code: T1-223

Description: Termination date is later than start of hedging period
Internal: 173571

SAP Error Code: T1-224

Description: Inconsistency for interest rate adjustment date of transaction
Internal: 173572

SAP Error Code: T1-225

Description: There are no interest rate adjustment dates for the given selections
Internal: 173573

SAP Error Code: T1-226

Description: Error when generating the dynamic field selection for
Internal: 173574

SAP Error Code: T1-227

Description: Contract date must lie between start and end of term of the order
Internal: 173575

SAP Error Code: T1-228

Description: Product type does not belong to OTC interest rate instruments
Internal: 173576

SAP Error Code: T1-229

Description: Transaction is not an OTC interest rate instrument
Internal: 173577

SAP Error Code: T1-23

Description: Indexes for dollar-sign dollar-sign must be edited
Internal: 173578

SAP Error Code: T1-230

Description: Activity is not defined for the transaction
Internal: 173579

SAP Error Code: T1-231

Description: No currency entered for the reference interest rate
Internal: 173580

SAP Error Code: T1-232

Description: Termination only possible after
Internal: 173581

SAP Error Code: T1-233

Description: Enter a flow type
Internal: 173582

SAP Error Code: T1-234

Description: Enter the currency
Internal: 173583

SAP Error Code: T1-235

Description: Changes to the nominal amount only possible before
Internal: 173584

SAP Error Code: T1-236

Description: Transaction has already been replaced
Internal: 173585

SAP Error Code: T1-237

Description: There are no interest adjustment details
Internal: 173586

SAP Error Code: T1-238

Description: No calendar is assigned to the currency
Internal: 173587

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