Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T1-511

Description: Unable to save risk hierarchy
Internal: 173660

SAP Error Code: T1-512

Description: Risk hierarchy successfully saved
Internal: 173661

SAP Error Code: T1-513

Description: Risk hierarchy maintenance exited without saving
Internal: 173662

SAP Error Code: T1-514

Description: Only display possible. Edit function blocked by another user.
Internal: 173663

SAP Error Code: T1-515

Description: Enter risk type
Internal: 173664

SAP Error Code: T1-516

Description: Risk type does not exist. Enter it again.
Internal: 173665

SAP Error Code: T1-517

Description: Choose risk node
Internal: 173666

SAP Error Code: T1-518

Description: Maintain texts before saving hierarchy
Internal: 173667

SAP Error Code: T1-519

Description: Error. Risk hierarchy cannot be edited.
Internal: 173668

SAP Error Code: T1-52

Description: Report(s) not instantiated
Internal: 173669

SAP Error Code: T1-520

Description: Risk hierarchy locked by another user. Save not possible
Internal: 173670

SAP Error Code: T1-521

Description: Risk hierarchy already exists
Internal: 173671

SAP Error Code: T1-522

Description: Tree structure for risk hierarchy does not exist. Choose "Create"
Internal: 173672

SAP Error Code: T1-523

Description: Deleting the root node destroys the tree structure. Not permitted.
Internal: 173673

SAP Error Code: T1-524

Description: Error when copying the hierarchy. Activity cancelled.
Internal: 173674

SAP Error Code: T1-525

Description: Risk hierarchy successfully copied to
Internal: 173675

SAP Error Code: T1-526

Description: Action canceled
Internal: 173676

SAP Error Code: T1-527

Description: Risk hierarchies successfully transferred to new structures
Internal: 173677

SAP Error Code: T1-528

Description: Hierarchy tree contains no root nodes. Tree will be newly determined.
Internal: 173678

SAP Error Code: T1-529

Description: Hierarchy tree contains no root nodes, display not possible.
Internal: 173679

SAP Error Code: T1-53

Description: Report dollar-sign not written to database
Internal: 173680

SAP Error Code: T1-530

Description: Risk hierarchy not saved
Internal: 173681

SAP Error Code: T1-531

Description: Risk hierarchy maintenance is currently locked by another user
Internal: 173682

SAP Error Code: T1-532

Description: Risk hierarchy is consistent
Internal: 173683

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