Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: T2-519

Description: Data source is not defined in datafeed Customizingexclamation-point
Internal: 173852

SAP Error Code: T2-520

Description: No errors in datafeed Customizing
Internal: 173853

SAP Error Code: T2-522

Description: In some cases, no parameters maintained in datafeed Customizingexclamation-point
Internal: 173854

SAP Error Code: T2-523

Description: Certain values could not be retrieved via datafeed
Internal: 173855

SAP Error Code: T2-524

Description: No entries exist in user log
Internal: 173856

SAP Error Code: T2-525

Description: Archiving: Program (variable should be entered here - variable1), FM (variable should be entered here - variable1), Error (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 173857

SAP Error Code: T2-526

Description: No archiving file(s) selected
Internal: 173858

SAP Error Code: T2-527

Description: No master data exist for datafeed customizing
Internal: 173859

SAP Error Code: T2-528

Description: No entries made
Internal: 173860

SAP Error Code: T2-529

Description: Translation table is complete
Internal: 173861

SAP Error Code: T2-530

Description: No entries chosen or defined in datafeed Customizing
Internal: 173862

SAP Error Code: T2-531

Description: Error when user log is read
Internal: 173863

SAP Error Code: T2-532

Description: No datafeed name exists
Internal: 173864

SAP Error Code: T2-533

Description: Several datafeeds active, select only one
Internal: 173865

SAP Error Code: T2-534

Description: General error: Program (variable should be entered here - variable1), FM (variable should be entered here - variable1), error:
Internal: 173866

SAP Error Code: T2-535

Description: Table is blocked by (variable should be entered here - variable1). No update possible
Internal: 173867

SAP Error Code: T2-536

Description: Error when blocking table
Internal: 173868

SAP Error Code: T2-537

Description: Exchange rate maintenance is blocked by
Internal: 173869

SAP Error Code: T2-538

Description: Mark end of section using key "Mark selection"
Internal: 173870

SAP Error Code: T2-539

Description: This is not a valid selection line
Internal: 173871

SAP Error Code: T2-540

Description: Error when adding to market data buffer
Internal: 173872

SAP Error Code: T2-541

Description: No authorization to read file
Internal: 173873

SAP Error Code: T2-542

Description: Maintenance of security prices is blocked by
Internal: 173874

SAP Error Code: T2-543

Description: Currency translation not maintained, currency pair
Internal: 173875

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